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The Movie Theater Experience Right in Your Living Room

These days, movie lovers are caught in a bind. On one hand, they’re tired of watching great movies on their TV or laptop: the screens are too small, and the sound is weak. On the other hand, always going to the theater can be expensive! Not to mention the crowds and the chatty people sitting behind you.

In & Out Construction, LLC has been hearing these complaints for year—so, we decided to do something about it. Custom home theater installation is the answer! Our goal is to recreate the experience of the movie theater, right in your home.

Put on some popcorn, grab a soda and let the show begin!

A Wide Range of Service

Installing a home theater requires a lot of planning and a wide range of technical knowledge. The sound must be perfect, and the TV needs to be safely mounted. The cable or Internet needs to be connected to a network. The video playing equipment needs to be set up with a remote-control system that’s easy to use—In & Out Construction, LLC can do it all!

Don’t forget to plan the seating! We’ve never seen a couch in the movie theater, so why settle for a couch in your home theater? Comfortable theater style seating is a great option. How about a new paint job or old-fashioned theater curtains? We’re happy to work with any contractors you bring in: our only goal is to bring your vision to life!

Getting the Job Done Right

After many years of providing home theater installation services, we have served two types of customers.

There are the customers who have a plan in mind and hire us to put that plan into action. These customers take advantage of the technical expertise that we’ve built our reputation on. When we’re given a plan, we take a close look at the space itself and assess how feasible it is. We will offer suggestions, only when necessary, to stick to the client’s vision.

Then there are the customers who want us to design a custom home theater for them. This is where artistry and finesse come in. We will design a discreet and esthetically beautiful home theater for you. Once you have approved all the details, our technicians will come in to put it all together.

Either way, we’d be thrilled to work with you. We know you’ll be happy to work with electrical installation experts who listen closely to what you have to say. Hiring In & Out Construction, LLC means hiring the home entertainment installation professionals who value client input as much as expertise and attention to detail.

There Is No Substitute

Yes, we said it—there is no substitute for a well-designed custom home theater installed by our certified electrical installation experts! Don’t settle for second-best. You’ll thank us when you and your loved ones are enjoying quality time in an immersive home theater experience.

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