Custom Home Theaters in New Rochelle

People often think that home theater installation costs a fortune, but that’s not true! In & Out Construction, LLC offers home theater setups at a reasonable price. We offer detailed quotes and price breakdowns that will fit anyone’s budget—big and small.

Whether you’re looking for an LCD screen mounted to the wall or a projector system, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for wall-mounted speakers, or even discreet speakers installed in the wall—we can do that too. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, we’re happy to suggest some options for you that won’t break your budget!

Home Theater 101

So, you’re thinking of building a home theater but don’t know where to start? Here are some basic things to get your gears turning.

TV or Projector?

Deciding between a TV or projector is the first decision you’ll need to make. For a super crisp image, a flat screen LCD TV is a great option. The downside is that what you gain in image quality, you lose in size; although they come in quite large dimensions, there is still a limit. This is a great option though for people on a budget.

If you’re looking for the real theater feel, there really isn’t an alternative to a projector and screen combination—yes, this is a more expensive option. When the lights go dim and the show begins, you’ll be thrilled to find yourself completely absorbed in the action of the big screen!


Next, you’ll have to decide on the quality, kind and distribution of speakers for your home theater setup. This is probably the most important decision you’ll make because sound is what puts you right in the action. Our home audio installation experts are here to help.

Do you want surround sound so that you’re totally immersed, hearing things from all directions? Or do you want speakers installed right in the wall, so they are hidden and discreet? Some of our clients even ask us to install speakers right behind the screen so that they’re totally invisible!

Movies or TV Shows?

At In & Out Construction, LLC we think that the most exciting thing about having a custom home theater is that you don’t need to decide! Many people believe that if you are using a projector, you can only play movies. Nowadays, you can connect many projectors to your computer or even your wireless network.

Thankfully, we can also help with installing and setting up a network. Having a wireless network means a lot more flexibility and less hanging cables!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If we’ve learned one thing in our many years doing home entertainment installation in New Rochelle, it’s that happy customers will come back year after year. That’s why we make your expectations and desires our number one priority!

We’ll never shock you with hidden fees or surprise costs. We’ll arrange a plan and budget with you and if for some reason anything changes—we will consult with you first.

In & Out Construction, LLC knows that you deserve only the best service—and we aim to deliver!