Custom Home Theaters in Bronx

We are living in the golden age of TV. Every year new programs come out that are more immersive, more suspenseful and more exciting. TV shows now rival movies in casting and production quality. So why is that you can only experience them on your laptop or living room TV? Do you ever wonder how much you’re missing because theaters refuse to play your favorite shows on the big screen?

In & Out Construction, LLC figured this out a long time ago. We believe that the only way to get the full experience of great movies and TV shows is in the dark ambiance of the theater. That’s why we offer home theater installation, TV installation, and home audio installation in Bronx.

Imagine being able to select any show or movie you want—whenever you want—and watch it in a theater? Imagine having your own theater!

Wall-Mounted TV Installation

To get the feel of the silver screen in your home theater, you’re going to want to mount your flat screen TV on the wall. Our installation experts will securely mount your TV on studs, taking care to note the precise position it needs to be in for optimal viewing.

Worry that there will be too many ugly cables hanging down the wall? Don’t worry, we can make those disappear too.

Immersed in Sound

There is no substitute for surround sound. Our home audio installation experts can install three or more surround sound speakers in your home theater. Wall-mounted or on stands, we can install a soundbar, tower speakers, subwoofer and receiver.

When all is said and done, we think you’ll end up hanging out in your home theater just to listen to music too! It’s no surprise that audiophiles from Bronx have been a big part of building our reputation.

Get Connected!

One thing we’ve noticed is that DVDs and VHS’ are disappearing. Consumers nowadays want their TV connected to the Internet. We offer network services to get you connected; moreover, we are a low voltage electrical company who offers home network installation services. You and your loved ones can share movies from your computer to your TV with the click of a button!

We’ll Work with Any Bronx Contractors You Hire

At In & Out Construction, LLC our specialty is electrical installation, but we know that to get the full theater experience, you’re going to need some things we can’t provide. Theater style seating is very popular with our customers. You may also want to install cabinetry, curtains, a bar or even get a new paint job. These services may be outside of our skill set, but we’ll work with anyone you hire to get the job done right.

In the end, your satisfaction is our main goal. We’ll work with your plans or help you design a custom home theater from scratch. Contact us today!